Online Ordering Website

Easily take food orders and reservations directly from your website.

Online Ordering App IOS/Android

Get a restaurant app for your regular customers.

Order Taking App IOS/Android

Receive orders & table reservations directly on your smartphone.

Web based control panel

Easily manage your Restaurant Business focusing on every aspect

Restaurant Ordering Solutions

  • Smart Menu

    Restaurant can list categories and menu items with add on options.

  • Cart

    Detailed cart calculation fo customers to easily understand.

  • Order Management

    Instant order list in the order list as customer make a order, notification display on the admin panel with sound.

  • Customer Management

    Notification of new customer registered customers. Easily manage customer profile, order history, reservation and feedbacks..
  • Reports

    Sales reports by category, menu items with filters and print option.

  • Promotions

    Restaurant can generate vouchers for customers and list of customers. Can apply discount on menu categories.

  • Customer Feedback

    Customers feedback can be list on the website administrate from the admin panel.

  • Push Notifications

    Push notification can be sent to Android and iOS devices on a single click.
Online Ordering Website

Online Ordering Website

We offer you an interactive Online Ordering and Reservation system that will definitely boost your business and give you identity in town. Through this system, your customers can locate you and place their order from anywhere, anytime. Reservations can be made online that will save time for your customer and you can manage the walk in accordingly.
Our Interactive UI and Design coordinates with your Restaurant requirements and attract more customers through quality presentation. You can add features according to your choice and requirements.
We offer you website which is 100% SEO Friendly. That means you can boost your website on Search Engines giving you recognition in much better way than your competitors.
We have design website for you which is very User Friendly and easy to use. You can book orders online for takeaway and home delivery as well.
The MENU is designed in just your restaurant requirement. You can categorize your Menu according to your Offered Food, Meals and Deals listing price with every item. So, that customer can have idea about your offers and can make their selection as they need.
Through our website you can share your Latest News and Events with your customers that give you chance to keep in touch with them and attracting them for more Promotions and Deals in timely manner.

Point of Sale (POS)

Our POS offers you to categorize your Menu according to your Food Items, Prices and Daily Deals.
Through our POS, you can easily manage your customers categorically as Walk in, Take Away and For Home Delivery. Also you can check the Order Status of Waiting and Delivered Customers. Also you can check the payment status instantly.
Our POS allows you to offer different type of Payment Methods like Cash on Delivery, Credit Card or Bank so that your customer can adopt any according to their convenience.
Through our POS, you can see the Order Types (Dine-In, Take Away, Drive Through) and can manage them easily according to the demand. You can analyze what is the more demanding in your restaurant so you can focus and work on weaker areas to improve the turnover.
POS gives you the option to print receipts (Customers and Office Copy) so that each and every transaction and record is maintained in proper way.

Point of Sale (POS)
Online Ordering App

Online Ordering App

Our designed Customer App is compatible for all Android and IOS devices and Mobiles. That means your customer can download your Restaurant App on any type of mobile giving you opportunity to reach hundreds and thousands of customers directly anywhere, anytime.
Our Customer App is designed in such a way which is very interactive, User Friendly and easy to use. So that your customers have no problem in finding their needed food, Price, Menu Options and latest deals and they can approach you on a single click.
Our Customer App advance option for Online Ordering and Reservations allows your customer to save their time for order and booking without going in hassle and wandering around.
Our Customer App advance option for Online Ordering and Reservations allows your customer to save their time for order and booking without going in hassle and wandering around.

Business / Manager App

Our Manager App allows you to be in touch with your business and customers 24/7 anywhere, anytime. You don’t need to be in your office for closer look and management as the App will help you to check all the matters on your mobile.
Our Manager App allows you to get Instant Notifications of Your Online Orders, Table Reservations and Customers saving you precious time and you can manage the orders accordingly more efficiently and effectively.
As you get the instant notifications through the Manager App, you have rush time to Manage Online Orders , Reservations and Customers. The Time Saving has definitely positive impact of your quick delivery and response on your customers leading to raised profits.
With your Manager App, you can have Sales Report instantly for your customized date, week and month. So you can have better idea about your productivity and Sales trend on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Business / Manager App
Admin Panel

Admin Panel

Through our Admin Panel you can easily manage your Restaurant Business focusing on every aspect, making analysis, hunting problems and taking over the weaker areas so that your business has maximum productivity with minimum effort. You can deal in the following manner.

  • Online Ordering
  • Instant notification of new orders
  • Order Status (In line, Waiting, Delivered)
  • Print Receipt of Orders (By Cash, Credit Card or Bank)
  • Manage Order Sales History (Daily, Weekly and Monthly Basis)
  • Filter by Platform (Web, Mobile) – What your customer is more using and approaching you either you are getting more online orders through Website or through Mobile.

With the Reservation Features in your Admin Panel, you can easily manage the Dine In for table reservations and allowing your customer hassle free and time saving booking. You can manage in the following manner.

  • Online Reservations
  • Instant notification of Reservation (To see the demand, availability, no. of persons and timing)
  • Manage with name, persons and contact details (So you can have complete record of your booking to avoid any mistake and delay)

The Menu option in your Admin Panel gives you the option to add, delete and edit the Menu according to your strategy. You can show your customers what you are offering in more attractive way by:

  • Easily manage categories and items with images
  • Multiple prices of items (Individual and collective)
  • Daily Deals and Offers

Your Website CMS is in your access 24/7 through your Admin Panel. You can easily look at the various features, tabs and images you have inserted in your website like:

  • Home page slides and special menu categories (You can change them according to your requirement and offers anytime)
  • About Us Section (Introducing yourself and your restaurant to your customers)
  • Manage Services provided by your Restaurant (Online Ordering, Table Reservations, Dine, Take Away, Home Delivery and Payment Options)
  • Add latest news and events to attract more customers
  • Customers feedback against every order (to know the strong and weaker areas and to improve your quality more efficiently and effectively)
  • SEO, manage Meta Tags like keywords and description of every single page

You can easily manage your customer anytime, anywhere to increase the efficiency. You can improve your administration in the following manner.

  • Manage all customers from single point
  • Instant notifications of new registered customers
  • Easily manage customers profile, order, history, reservations and feedback
  • Customer groups (active, inactive customers)



Online Ordering


Per Transaction


3.9% Merchant Fee


Free Setup!!

  • Custom Website And Online Ordering
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  • Includes Website with Online Ordering
  • Includes Administration Web Panel


Mobile Applications<


Online Ordering


Per Transaction


3.9% Merchant Fee


Free Setup!!

  • Mobile Applications And Online Ordering
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  • *Includes Everything in Starter Plan
  • Includes Company Branded Android and Apple Mobile Applications
  • Includes Administration Web Panel
  • Includes a Custom Branded Animated Splash Screen






$600.00 Setup Fee
  • Point of Sale (POS)

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  • Includes Branded Point of Sale
  • Includes Free Tablet W/Stand
  • Check Customer Order Status
  • Custom Reporting
  • Order Taking

Business Suite


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  • Full Restaurant Suite

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  • Whole Restaurant Custom Applications
  • Multiple Store Locations
  • Advanced Support
  • Live Chat Support
  • Kitchen Display System
  • Online Order Dashboard/Display
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